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   Shanghai Yonghui sheep industry Co., LTD. was established in 1999, which is located in Anxin Villeage (HuTai Road No.88) Xuhang Town Jiading District, whose predecessor was Shanghai Yonghui planting and cultivation development Co., LTD, that is engaged in grass-growing, cultivate breeding sheep and slaughter mutton nowadays, The registered capital of the Company is RMB 5 million yuan.
    Under the great support and attention by the leaders or superiorities of Shanghai City and Jiading District, in accordance with scientific development and advanced industrialization theories and methods, Yonghui sheep industry gradually has developed into a leading enterprise among the local agricultural industrializations and become the largest sheep breeding enterprise in Shanghai, one of the first-level lake sheep field in Shanghai, the member of sheep industry association of China animal husbandry association, vice-chairman unit of Shanghai special breeding association. There is a highbred sheep breeding base consisted by sheep house with 13 colored steel structure building in 300 mu places and 1 million square meters mating construction, totally costing RMB 1,150,000,000yuan, 5000 mu food and forage planting bases, an advanced equipments of mutton slaughtering factory, a commodity organic plant.

    The company earmarks nearly ten thousand heads of stud and mutton sheep all around the year, produces 50,000 tons of green feed and 2300 tons of organic fertilizer, and sells 3000 studs every year with over10,000 slaughtered studs and an annual output value of RMB 25 million yuan. It leads the domestic industry in the production scale, full-feeding of high-bed sheep farming techniques, combination of agriculture and animal husbandry and the integration of production and marketing.

   It was approved as Shanghai first-level lake sheep tud in 2004, passed the certification of pollution-free agricultural products in 2005, won the title of "little giant" enterprise in Jiading District in 2005 and 2006, also it was named "Shanghai Growth Enterprise", obtained the certificate of pollution-free agricultural products in 2007 and was listed as a key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization of Jiading District.

    In 2008, the Company was listed as a standard animal breeding base in Shanghai and obtained quality management system certification and food safety management system certification. In 2009 it was also named the leading enterprise in Shanghai and the Shanghai famous trademark.

    Shanghai Yonghui sheep industry Co., LTD relies on its own industry and product`s advantages, seizes the opportunity of agricultural structuring and development of sheep industry in accordance with the "company + foundation + peasant household" model and leads the surrounding counties, towns and peasant household in other provinces and cities to grow grass, breed sheep and achieve common prosperity with the purpose of "development, science, service, health”.

   We company is willing to provide old and new customers with good stud, back-up ewes and supporting technical services, and recycling goods sheep included; also perennially "green" lamb for major hotels and restaurants are supplied.

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